Maxim Lebrun

Maxim Lebrun

Name, Age, Weight-class?

Maxim Lebrun, 25 years old , 94kg

Where do you train currently?

Crossfit Levis Weightlifting Club

How did you get introduced to weightlifting, how long and when did you start?

I was introduced to weightlifting when I started crossfit 3 years ago, actually weightlifting was my favourite part in every workout. After 1 year of crossfit I decided to switch to weightlifting! I was a 85kg at this time and one of my friends told me I should try to compete in weightlifting because I’ve got the standard to go to the national!

When was your first weightlifting competition, what did you total?

I will always remember my first weightlifting competition, it was in march 2014, i was all by myself with no coach, no idea what was the rules haha, but it was a great experience! I did a 240kg total with a 100kg snatch and 140kg clean and jerk…all power haha !

What are your most notable achievements in weightlifting and other sports?

My best achievement in weightlifting was in May 2017 at Canadian Senior Nationals where I finish with the bronze medal in the 94kg category, after only 2 years of training in weightlifting!

What do you do outside of training (work, studies, activities, favourite hobbies)?

I work full time in Desjardins insurance company, I work in the technical support department!

Do you have any specific goals you would like to share?

My biggest goal for the moment is to participate at the 2018 Pan American Championship!

What are some challenges you have to face as an athlete?

The biggest challenge for me as an athlete is the time I workout because I work all day long and most of the time I start working out at 9 PM and finish around 12 AM! I work out always alone in the gym. It’s hard, but when I’m alone in the gym, it’s easier for me to stay focused. It’s just me and my bar. Nothing else matters!

Some tips and advice you can give to athletes?

Never underestimate yourself because if you think you are not good enough to try a weightlifting competition don’t worry. When I started weightlifting I was probably the worst weightlifter ever, ask everyone who saw me at the beginning, they will tell you this guy will never go to nationals and finish third, he is barely able to do a snatch. His mobility sucks and his technique is awful hahaha ! If I was able to do it, so can everyone else. If you need some advice or coaching tips there is plenty of great Canadian coaches who will help you, and if you need help, it will be a pleasure for me to help you with the best of my capacities, no matter if you do crossfit or weightlifting!

Where can people find you on social media (Instagram, Facebook page, Twitter, YouTube etc)?

Instagram: max_lebrun
Facebook: Maxim Lebrun