Gabriel Dagenais

Gabriel Dagenais

Gabriel Dagenais

Name, Age, Weightclass? 
My name is Gabriel Dagenais, I am 19 year's old and I'm in the 94kg (under) class.

Where do you train now (club and coach)?
I train at the Machine Rouge (Red Machin) club since 2014 with my coach Yvan Darsigny.

How did you get introduced to weightlifting and when did you start?
I started weightlifting when I was 13 year's old, only 2 days per week and it's my dad than introduced me

How long have you been training, do you have previous sport or training backgrounds?
I do sport since the age of 5 year's old. I did a lot of sports like judo, soccer, football, tennis and now I focus only on weightlifting.

When was your first weightlifting competition, what did you total?
I did my first little weightlifting competition in center of Claude Robillard (MTL) and I think than I made a total of 147kg (62kg snatch and 85kg clean and jerk).

What are your most notable achievements in weightlifting and other sports? 
For me the best achievements were my two qualifications for the World Junior Championships in 2015 and 2017. In 2016 I had an injury so I didn't do the competition. Also, I won Canadian Senior Championships this year (2017).

What do you do outside of training (work, studies, activities, favourite hobbies)?
Outside of my training I do a lot of things like hang out with friends, I do some activities with my girlfriend, I go to school 5 day per weeks and listen to music. Music is probably my favorite hobbies; my favourite artiste is Eminem... For ever !

Do you have any specific goals you would like to share?
I have a ultimate goal in my life and it is the Olympics Games. I like to be the first, a winner and I will bring all of my sponsor (also you) to this event.

What are some challenges you have to face as a world-level athlete? 
Well... You know, life is a challenge. You need to be ready to do face to face with anything in life. By example, injury can arrive anytime; bad results at school can affect your mental and after, affect your training. Also, other competitors are big challenge because if you would like to be the first or STAY the first, you will need to work hard for that. You will have to bleed your hands at training on every bar. Success doesn’t come from of nowhere. So, everything's a challenge.

What is some advice you can give to athletes out there?
There's some advice:
- Keeping your dream with you and believe it.
- Eat good.
- Have a good night for the best recuperation.
- Follow your own way. Listening good advice, but keep in head than you're the boss.
- Don't drop out training (or anything) when the moment is rougher or the situation is bad. Push your limits and do the best that you can do.
- Finally, stay who you are

Where can people find you on social media (instagram, facebook page, twitter, youtube etc)?
Well, everybody can follow me on Instagram (gab652), my account Facebook (I will do a FB page) and my dad did a YouTube channel where you will can found some videos of me (